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Big news! In addition to Google’s mobile

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Big news! In addition to Google’s mobile

Big news! In addition to Google’s mobile search changes taking place next week, search results on Android will now offer the user to install any mobile apps relevant to the search. Now all mobile searches will be an extension of the Play Store and it also greatly benefits all app developers as well as SMB app owners!

Mobile, as we know, is growing exponentially and app growth is right behind it. The best content for any industry can now be found in mobile apps across any platform. This change by Google allows users to find the best results for their query, regardless of whether or not the app is on their device already. Today’s news takes is the next level of App indexing (the ability to see search results on an app you already have on your phone).

Think of how it will benefit you, as an SMB owner or an app developer: a user is searching for information on a local restaurant and Google’s search displays not only the restaurant’s website but a link to its app. The install button will be right next to the search results and it will take the user to the Google Play store to install the app.

Mobile app developers rejoice! App promotion and “being found” are some of the biggest hurdles for new apps and Google have essentially solved this problem for Android developers. It’ll be interesting to see how Apple responds and what type of support iOS will provide for its search parameters and Safari.

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